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Purchase and use of fireworks

It is allowed to buy fireworks from December 15th through December 31st. You may use the fireworks from December 27th through January 1st.

Storage of fireworks

You may store fireworks with max. 5 kg NEM.

NEM stands for Net Explosive Quantity and indicates how much gunpowder is in the fireworks. The NEM weight must be on the fireworks.

It is allowed to store the fireworks from the end of the fireworks season, so you can use it in the next fireworks season, but you may store a maximum of 5 kg NEM.

Store fireworks dry, away from electrical appliances and heat sources. It must be kept out of the reach of children and you must not unpack the fireworks or remove the protective cap from the fuse.

Deliver excess fireworks

If you did not fire all your fireworks at the New Year, you can contact your municipality to find out where you can hand in your fireworks. Not all recycling sites can receive fireworks.

Apply to the Danish Safety Technology Authority

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