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Construction case processing "Flammable companies and warehouses"

Storage, use and manufacture of flammable or explosive substances and products are subject to special fire and explosion prevention regulations.



The fire prevention rules are laid down on the basis of section 33 of the Emergency Preparedness Act. The areas where specific rules have been laid down are listed below.


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Flammable and flammable liquids

  • Gases

  • Combustible solids

  • Explosive atmosphere - ATEX

  • Risk companies - SEVESO

  • Special chemical substances

In certain cases, the municipal council may also decide that buildings and land areas that pose a certain risk and are not covered by specific rules must be designed and used so that the risk of fire danger is reduced as much as possible and sound rescue and extinguishing options are ensured as best as possible. It appears from the Emergency Preparedness Act, section 34, subsection. 2.



The Danish Emergency Management Agency administers the fire prevention rules for large fire and explosion-hazardous companies. In other cases, the municipal council is responsible for the administration of the rules, and in practice the municipality's emergency management will most often take care of that work.

Supplement to building legislation

The Building Act and the building regulations apply to all construction. The fire prevention rules laid down pursuant to the Emergency Preparedness Act must be regarded as a special legislation in relation to the building legislation and function as a superstructure to the building regulations' fire requirements. This also applies to the technical regulations.


In general, the fire prevention rules contain stricter requirements for fire- and explosion-hazardous companies and warehouses.


The building regulations are laid down in the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency. The municipal council is responsible for the administration of the rules, and in practice the work is handled by the municipal building authority.


Find the Building Act, the building regulations and more information on the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency's website via the link below. Guidance on the Building Act can be obtained by contacting the building authority in the municipality.




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