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Rules for allocating, using and returning

"Merit badge for Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade"


  • § 1. The merit mark is called "Merit mark for the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade" and is embossed in polished metal. The front shows the fire brigade's coat of arms surrounded by oak leaves and is partly covered with a golden lacquer. The back bears the inscription "DESERVED".

  • PCS. 2. Anyone who has been awarded the merit badge and who is uniformed, wears the badge as stated in the uniform regulations in force at any given time, etc. It is worn in a four-colored ribbon consisting of the colors from Guldborgsund and Lolland Municipality's coats of arms. The colors are a wide gold color in the middle that is flanked on both sides by a red stripe in half width, which in turn is flanked on both sides by a green stripe in half width. The ribbon ends at both sides of a half-width blue stripe. It is allowed to wear the sign for civilian attire.

  • § 2. The award of the merit is made after a written recommendation to the Emergency Preparedness Commission for the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade, after which the commission assesses each individual recommendation and decides on the award. Uniformed and / or employees at the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade who have been awarded the sign will receive the sign in connection with the fire service's New Year's slogans. Other beneficiaries signed by decision of the Commission.

  • § 3. The merit badge can be awarded to any person who has made a particularly meritorious and selfless effort for the benefit of the emergency preparedness work on Lolland-Falster. Anyone can set another person as the recipient of the character. The recommendation is sent, with detailed justification, to the Emergency Preparedness Commission via the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade.

  • § 4. The person to whom the token of merit has been awarded retains it until his death, unless the person in question is guilty of such an act which would have excluded the person in question from being awarded the token of merit. In that case, it must be returned to the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade.

  • PCS. 2. When someone who has been awarded the merit badge dies, the awarded merit badge is sent to the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade.

  • § 5. Should anyone become aware that a recipient of the merit badge should have exhibited conduct that could make the person in question unworthy to keep the badge, this must be notified immediately to the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade.

  • § 6. Recipients of the sign of merit, certify by his signature, upon receipt of the sign that he or she is informed of the above and agrees with the content.


Adopted by the Emergency Commission of Lolland-Falster Fire

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

John Boards

Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Commission for the Lolland-Falster Fire Brigade



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